In 1991, Government declared it a policy to provide the impetus to the growth, promotion and development of the Iron and Steel Industry as the springboard and basis for Philippine industrialization.

To stir investor interest and ensure the growth of the Iron and Steel Industry, then Pres. Corazon Aquino enacted on Aug 8, 1991, Republic Act 7103, also known as the IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRY ACT.

During the same period, Philsteel Holdings Corp. Chairman, Abeto A. Uy decided it was time to give shape to his long-cherished vision of helping the Filipino enjoy the world’s best steel products at the least possible cost  and to assure that,  these had to be manufactured locally.

With Government asking the help of Philsteel to jumpstart the country’s industrialization through an integrated iron and steel industry, under the mandate of R.A. 7103 and guided by its Chairman’s vision of a more progressive Filipino.


Started in 1996, the Plant sprawls over 22 hectares of prime land , in the heart of Balayan, Batangas. Costing a total of Php 7.6 B( US$ 170M) initially to construct , the plant houses the most modern integrated flat steel products processing facilities and auxiliary equipment in the country and the ASEAN reqion.





A 350,000 MTPA capacity Pickling Line that ensures 100% removal of scales, rust and dirt from Hot Rolled Coils (HRC) raw materials before these are fed to a further cold reduction and /or metal coating;



A 320,000 MTPA, 4 Hi Reversing Cold Rolling Mill(CRM) that can reduce 1.6 – 3.2mm thick HRC into 0.16 – 0.32mm Cold Rolled Coils(CRC) at a maximum speed of 1250 meters per minute under a computerized closed-loop and x-ray gauge control system to guarantee both shape and thickness accuracy up to +/- 5 microns;



A 250,000 MTPA Dual Pot ( Galvalume and Pure Zinc) Metal Coating Line that can process 0.14mm- 2.0mm x 915/1220mm flat steel at a top speed of 200 meters per minute coating the sheets with 50-300 grams /m2 of metal . Also equipped with a non-oxidizing furnace to anneal full hard sheets into soft iron during processing, a mini spangle rig for reducing spangle size of coated products, a skin conditioning mill to smoothen the surface of the coated sheets , ideal for painting and a tension leveler, to assure tabletop flatness of the coated sheets (for appliance grade) as it leaves the processing line;



Our Mission

To sustain growth and maintain market leadership, we commit ourselves to product excellence and customer satisfaction.

To achieve this:

We will serve the needs of our customers with maximum reliability and consistency.

We will produce quality steel products in the right product mix

We will create an internal environment that will foster teamwork and synergy


Our Vision

We are a Filipino conglomerate producing world-class steel products and solutions. We shall maintain leadership in the Philippines and be recognized in the international market. To achieve this, we will pursue strategic alliances, implement forward and backward integration, use the latest technology in steel manufacturing, and commit to total customer satisfaction. We shall employ highly-motivated and competent professionals and sustain a strong spirit of teamwork through mutual commitment and dedication. We shall provide opportunities for the total development and well-being of our employees and maximize returns for our shareholders to ensure the continuous growth of our organization and the progress of our Nation.



Our Corporate Values


Competence. We value the need for all employees to possess all the required necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and commitment in the performance of their job.

Performance. We value the achievement of performance targets set for individuals and group, always showing continuous improvement.

Quality. We value the need to provide products that comply with established standards and services that satisfy the varied needs of our internal and external customers.

Integrity.  We strive to do what is good, right, correct, honest and fair in our dealings and actions.

Teamwork.  We value the need to work harmoniously together, with our team leaders with full trust and cooperation to achieve one goal.

Care and Concern for People.  We value the welfare and growth of our people by treating them with respect, courtesy and fairness.

Social Responsibility.  We accept our role in promoting the welfare of our community and country.


Key Markets

1. Industrial Market

The Industrial Market is composed of industries engaged in transportation fishing, agriculture air-conditioning and others that need table-flat lead free galvanized iron in their line of business.

2. Building Products

The Building Products Market deals directly with architects, developers, contractors and end-users.

3. Dealers Market  

Dealers Market caters to hardware stores nationwide with customers ranging from architects, developers, contractors, metal fabricator or “lateros” and end-users.





We, as an integral part of the community are committed to provide an effective Environmental Management System and be an instrument in the achievement of sustainable development through:

  • Commitment of officers and members in all levels of the organization towards continual improvement of environmental performance.
  • Compliance to environmental regulations set by the government and other requirements to which the organization subscribe.
  • Active participation in government projects, government units and non-government organization’s thrust towards environmental protection and preservation of natural resources.
  • Implementation of environment-friendly production and waste management programs and strategies.
  • Upholding the right of every citizen in the community to enjoy a clean and safe environment.



STEELCORP is committed to Quality, Safety and Excellence in our products and services, as well as in our relationships in both domestic and international community.  In support to this commitment, we shall:

  • Make customer satisfaction as the primary objective by delivering products and services consistent with acceptable quality standards at optimum costs and within the agreed time.
  • Create a working environment that recognizes personal commitment and provides skills development and safety so that quality becomes a way of life. Take advantage of developments in science and technology to further enhance quality of products and services as well as to comply with regulatory  requirements.
  • Take advantage of developments in science and technology to further enhance quality of products and services as well as to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Management and employees hand and hand shall take the lead in assuring fulfillment of the company’s commitment on quality to customers. Key quality issues shall be included in strategic planning and in the implementation of critical programs and implement continuous improvement.
  • Efforts will be maximized to maintain a competent, quality conscious and reliable workforce across the organization, wherein each employee shall treat the next process, system or person as his customer.

ASTM International

BPS Certified

Japanese Industrial Standards


Corporate Social Responsibility

To Our Customers:

We commit to provide, consistently and reliably, best quality products and systems that are responsive to their needs at competitive prices and terms.

To Our Suppliers and Business Partners:

We commit to create alliances and nurture relationships that will promote mutual long-term growth, stability and profitability.

To Our People:

We commit to provide opportunities for accelerating their total development and enhancing their well-being, in both professional and personal aspects, and to create an organizational climate that encourages learning, productivity and teamwork for our most important assets.

To Our Stockholders / Owners:

We commit to uphold the vision of being a dominant force in the Philippine economy and the leader in the steel industry, thereby ensuring superior returns on their investments.

To Society and The Public In General:

We commit to be a vital instrument for the sustainable development of our country.  In this regard, we will be a caring organization preserving the environment, promoting the welfare of the communities where we operate, and acting as a responsible corporate citizen in all our endeavors.


Awards & Recognitions

At STEELCORP, manufacturing high quality steel products has always been our way of life – A proud legacy from our early years as a joint venture between the Philippines’ Uy family and prestigious Australian companies such as BHP, John Lysaght, and Rio Tinto.

Today, the culture of quality at STEELCORP remains very evident as a result of the technology transfer that was made possible when we acquired all the rights and patents for our flagship products from our Australian partners.

The result is a wide range of steel product lines that adhere to the highest international quality standards not only in Australia and the Philippines but also in the US (as certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials or ASTM) and throughout the world.

In fact, we are the only Filipino steel company that has been recognized by international award-giving bodies for product excellence during the past 34 years.

With our global technology and continuing commitment to product quality for the Filipino consumer, it is no wonder that the Philippines’ top property developers and building contractors choose us for all their projects.

  • 1988 – International Asia Award for Quality during annual awards rites held in Hong Kong.
  • 1989 – International Asia Award for Quality during annual awards rites held in London.
  • 2014 – Gold Award for Product Excellence during the Quality Summit Award held in New York City